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Sailfish Pools

License Number MC2000129

Pool Care & Maintenance SPECIALISTS


Proudly serving

Martin County since 2011

CALL 772-283-0898

to find out how our services 

can best fit your Pool's NEEDS!


Why Customers LOVE Sailfish!

Martin County's TOP RATED Pool Company 



for Salt Water and Chlorinated Pools

Bright blue pool water next to stone with landscaped grass and plants next to it under a sunny day


& Maintenance 

A young girl on the edge of a pool floatie kicks her legs in the water on a sunny day
Lazy river pool with a stone circle in the middle under a sunny sky maintained and cared for by Sailfish Pools in Stuart, FL
Natrual stone design around a green pool next to a two story yellow building cared for by Sailfish Pools in Stuart, FL

Full Maintenance Services  performed regularly on a set schedule by the same technician! This kind of reliability is unheard of in the pool industry; but then again we're not the norm, we're Sailfish Pools.

Maintenance package

includes weekly:

Tiles & Walls Brushed

Water Tested & Balanced

Appropriate Chemicals Added

Pool Equipment Observed

Malfunctions informed to Customer and given estimate for repair or replacement 


As needed:

Full Vacuum

Filter Cleaned

Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets


*Can take any green pool to


**Also available for storm clean up.

With our weekly maintenance package, you will love coming home to a sparkling clean pool.

Small pool with clear water revealing a design on the bottom of the pool with ample steps leading into the pool maintained and cared for by Sailfishpools in Stuart, FL
Small pool with clear water looking over a landscaped lawn and ocean water in Stuart, FL cared for by Sailfish Pools


A pool technicnal checking a piece of paper on a cliboard while standing next to a large pool with stone walkways

General Repairs, and
Specialty Repairs
for when your worst

Pool nightmare happens.


New Equipment Installation

Valve Replacement

Pump, Motors and Filter Repairs

Pool Light Repairs

Filter System Replacement

Acid Wash & Stain Treatments

Heat Pump, Heaters, Salt System, Automation,

and Chlorinator Installation & Repairs

Repair License Number: MC2000129

Available for emergency services.

  We commonly handle:

FREE Consults

Our Staff is here to serve YOU and your Pool!

By having Sailfish Pools take care of your backyard beauty you will be saving both:




Sailfish Pools provides you with peace of mind, for the times you are not always home.


That's the Sailfish way. 

Call 772-283-0898 to speak with Kim to set up a FREE Consult!

Backyard pool with pool chairs and furniture on top of birck enclosed in a fence maintained by Sailfish Pools in Stuart, FL
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The Sailfish Difference

We are a Licensed Pool and Spa Repair Company (MC1900160)

Pool Technicians are CPO Certified.

We ONLY provide experienced workers you can rely on! GPS tracking on all vehicles to confirm proof of service.

We inspect your equipment and communicate small problems before they turn into big problems. 

We can service commercial pools and spas with complex compliance requirements!

We have dedicated office staff to ensure you and your pool have the best experience!


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Bob Cook 'Owner & Chief Pool Master'

Bob knows pools and their needs like the back of his hand. Having been in the swimming pool industry since 2011, he is an expert; however, he continues to learn new techniques to keep your pool at its best. Alongside keeping customers’ pools sparkling, Bob has taught Karate and Aikido for over 40 years now and is a part-owner of Stuart Martial Arts Center. A Martin County resident and active community philanthropist for over 30 years, Bob has a vested interest in helping the community. Bob is proud to own and operate Sailfish Pools! Catch Bob on an off day and you will find him fishing (for Sailfish of course), boating, diving, hanging out with his wife Leanne and two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (who love the water as well!). 


Kim Phipps, Operations Manager and 'Keeper of the Pools'

Kim is a fan favorite at Sailfish Pools both by customers and those that she manages. She came to Sailfish after deciding that helping run a pool company was more exciting than retirement! Her prior experience as a CFO for nearly 20 years at a national franchise company gives her the expertise to handle any situation and abate frustration! She believes that the customer and their pool come first. A resident of Stuart for 36 years she loves working for the people of Martin County!   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I need a pool repair ASAP?
A: We are available for emergency services if a repair or maintenance is needed right away. Call 772-283-0898 to speak with Kim.


Q: What type of certifications do pool technicians have?
A:We are a Licensed Pool and Spa Repair Company (MC1900160) and our Pool Technicians are CPO Certified. We ONLY provide experienced workers you can rely on! GPS tracking on all vehicles to confirm proof of service.


Q:How long should I run my pool equipment?
A:We suggest your filter system run 6 to 8 hours per day. When water temperatures start to climb above 80° run the system 8 to 12 hours per day Cleaning and Maintenance FAQs


Q:Why is it important for my pool chemical and water levels to be correct?
A:Keeping the right levels in your pool allows for a safe and healthy swimming environment. Not enough chlorine or chemicals can create a haven for bacteria and create unsanitary conditions. Too many chemicals can cause a harmful environment and dryness of skin, hair and eyes.

Q:What do I do to maintain my pool lighting?
A:The best way to maintain pool lighting is by cleaning the light covers, replacing old bulbs and keeping leaves and other debris from touching the lights.


Q: How often should my pool filter be cleaned?
A:For swimming pools equipped with a D.E. filter, we recommended the filter be backwashed when the pressure reaches 10 PSI above starting pressure or once a month. For cartridge filters, we recommend cleaning the cartridge at least once a month.


Q:Why is my pool or spa water green or brown?
A: Algae growth on the walls or floor of your pool can give the water a murky green, brown, or even black tint. Sailfish Pools can restore crystal clear water to your pool. We’ll remove the algae from the pool surfaces and then add the proper balance of chemicals to prevent the algae from returning. In some instances, special chemicals may be required.


Q: Why is my pool pump making very loud noises?
A: Typically the loud noise coming from the pump signifies that the motor needs replaced. This is also true if your pump keeps tripping the breaker.

Stuart Florida
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Contact Us 

to learn more about our customer focused

Pool Cleaning & Repairs!

2439 SE Dixie Hwy

Stuart FL 34996

Tel: 772-283-0898


Bob Cook

Operations Manager:

Kim Phipps


Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4pm​​​

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Repair License Number: MC2000129
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